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Derryveagh Evictions Then & Now



Welcome to Then & Now: Bob Spiegelman's Web Trilogy

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May McClintock's Classic: After the Battering Ram
Download PDF (4mb)

Sweeney's & Derryveagh:
Sweeney Clan Chief (MacSweeney Lordships of Donegal)
(Mac) Sweeney Doe Clan (Official Clan Site)
For Dan Mor Sweeney (The Prime Suspect)
Ode to Tarlagh Mac Sweeney (The Great Piper, Kin of the Evicted)

Donegal Historical Resources (Lindel Buckley)

Recovering Glenveagh: Hidden Underfoot (Charles Orser)

Recovering Glenveagh II: Repairing Links (Steve Brighton)

A Derryveagh Overview (McGeady)

Surnames on DRF Ships (Bill Spillane)

In Derryveagh's Wake: Shipped Off to Australia (Spillane)

Donegal Relief Fund (Spillane)

Donegal Relief Fund: Five Shiploads (Barrett)

Evictees Surnames by Townland (Sherlock/Cannon Queen)

Remembrance and Reforestation (Coillte)

Landlords of Donegal (Donegal Library)

Emigrations from King's County to Australia (Harrison)

Adair & The County Laois Connection (Michael Dempsey)
Adair's Seat in Queen's County (nr. Ballybrittas)

WS Trench & The Shirley Estate (Carrickmacross.ie)

The Letters of "Norah" On Her Tour through Ireland -- Eyewitness reports from the aftermath (Margaret Dixon McDougall)

Glenveigh: victims of vengeance (Patrick Sarsfield Cassidy)


An American Dispossession: The Sullivan-Clinton Campaign
(Robert Spiegelman)

www.irelandstory.com -- Great map source

The Donegal County Museum

"Fun Facts" for Tourists: Adair's Glenveagh MINUS the Evictions!

"Fun Facts" for Tourists: Adair's Glenveagh BECAUSE of the Evictions!

Gardens 'R Us: Another "Eviction-Free" Zone!

Sligo Heritage Site by Joe McGowan, with items on the region's dispossessions.


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