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Derryveagh Evictions Then & Now


Site by:

Clint Fisher Art, readymade99 and Robert Spiegelman

After the Battering Ram

Courtesy of May McClintock

Side Panel Photo:

National Geographic

Eviction Photographs:

National Library of Ireland

My Education, with special thanks to:

May McClintock of County Donegal
John Mulhern of County Donegal
Michael Dempsey of Abbeyview Cottage, County Laois
Tom Sweeney, Dublin & Donegal
Roderick Trench, UK
Tommy Graham, Editor, History Ireland, Dublin
Lindel Buckley, New Zealand
Bill Spillane, Australia
Bernard Barrett. "Five Shiploads"
Liam Dolan. Land War and Evictions in Derryveagh
W.E. Vaughan. Sin, Sheep and Scotsmen